Why Us?

Our Professionalism, Your Trust

Because we care for your home, we are licensed, insured, been around since 2006, always prompt for our on the hour appointments and always bring our own equipment. You can rest assured that your home is safe and that no one unfamiliar or untrustworthy will come into your home. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. In the extraordinary event that you are not satisfied, we will come back and clean that area free of charge.

Our Difference

With FJ Professional Cleaning Services there is no detachment between the workers and their jobs; we stand behind and are proud of the work we do. No cutting corners here. By desiring your house to be truly clean – not just look clean – we maintain our integrity and your trust. If you're looking for quality, this is the company you need.

Why You Need Us

Maybe you've had a bad experience with franchised maid services who brush through

I can't say thanks to enough for your help and concern in the matter of my VA welfare and lawsuit.

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your home to make things look clean and get on with the next house. It's even possible they only sprayed surfaces with perfumed chemical to make things smell clean. FJ is a higher quality clean than others, built from scratch out of desire to genuinely clean your home.

For You

You're busy, and life is short! If you didn't have to keep up with the housekeeping, what would you do with that extra time? Spend it with the family? Enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening? If you didn't have to clean, what else would you get done? If you found someone you could trust completely, would you take that opportunity?

For Your Family

Is your family surrounded by harsh, fuming chemicals? These can stay not only on the surfaces where they've been used, but also pollute the very air inside your home. We use all-natural green cleaning products that are non-toxic, non-fuming, and bio-degradable. For the health of your family, they deserve it.